Asiel B. – Submitted 11/02/19

Great experience. Amazing doctor

Taylor M. – Submitted 10/23/19

Quick & nice

Mariam I. – Submitted 10/04/19

If Dr. Stevenson wasn’t he best in his line of work I wouldn’t have been his patient for almost 20 yrs. Thank you Dr. Stevenson

Sherrilynn B. – Submitted 09/24/19

First time seeing dr Stevenson I was a bit nervous..the staff and the doctor made me feel at ease..the experience I had was wonderful..the staff and dr Stevenson are awesome..

Susan S. – Submitted 09/24/19

Doctor, PA, nurses, and staff are always so helpful, informative, friendly, and professional.

Shirley L. – Submitted 09/18/19

Friendly, helpful staff from front desk through medical staff. Willing to listen, very thorough, knowledgeable.

Kristen F. – Submitted 09/07/19

Excellent doctor. Excellent experience.

Christin R. – Submitted 08/30/19

Warm, kind, and personable. Dr. Stevenson is a great surgeon, as well.

Kristina B. – Submitted 08/29/19

Time is always taken to answer any questions I may have and staff is caring

Eileen H. Submitted 08/29/19

Very happy with visit. Did not have long waiting time. All questions answered.

Lorie F. – Submitted 08/22/19

I loved meeting & talking with Dr. Stephenson today. I felt very comfortable & at ease.

Zann B. – Submitted 08/10/19

Staff friendly & efficient, didn’t have to wait long to be seen

Denise ( Tina ) B. – Submitted 08/02/19

I love the personality of Dr. Stevenson. He makes you comfortable talking to him about all your concerns. I was so glad i was able to come back to see him..

Mariam I. – Submitted 07/26/19


Angela R. – Submitted 07/26/19

Dr. Stevenson is always extremely professional and has the best attitude! I love his personality! He always listens to my concerns and tries to figure out what is wrong. I love him!

Lindsey L. – Submitted 07/25/19

I have been a patient of Dr Stevenson’s for 18 years. He delivered my 3 children and I trust him completely.

Nancy V. – Submitted 07/14/19

I have been going to Dr. stevenson for over 20 years and he has been nothing but professional and caring in all situations. I have recommended him to anyone who has asked!

Megan S. – Submitted 07/12/19

Dr. Stevenson and his staff have been so compassionate and kind throughout my journey of trying to conceive. The office is very efficient with short wait times and very friendly reception and medical assistants. I would recommend Dr. Stevenson’s office to my family and friends.

Teresa H. – Submitted 07/12/19

DR Stevenson is great !!

Melissa C. – Submitted 07/02/19

Very caring and took his time making sure I was ok. I wouldn’t go any where else.

Janis T. – Submitted 06/28/19

I was amazed at how efficient the nurses are at getting patients processed and ready to see the doctor. Dr. S is a good listener, encouraged me to ask questions, and then thoroughly answered me. I highly recommend this doctor and staff.

Kathy G. – Submitted 06/28/19

Love dr Stevenson!

Christine K. – Submitted 06/28/19

I’ve been with Dr Stevenson for 22+ years, he’s a wonderful & professional doctor

Carron K. – Submitted 06/28/19

Dr. Stevenson is a wonderful doctor, someone who really cares about his patients. I highly recommend him.

Tracey A. – Submitted 06/28/19

Quick and efficient!

Linda D. – Submitted 06/28/19


Monica F. – Submitted 06/28/19

I’d never been seen by Dr. Stevenson, always his P.A. even though I’ve been a patient there for almost 20 years. I was extremely nervous because I’d never been seen by a male gynecologist(personal choice). He came in before my exam and talk to me and during the exam. I felt comfortable and was satisfied with my experience.

Connie C. – Submitted 06/28/19

Dr Stevenson and his staff are very welcoming and very nice. Waiting room and rooms are very clean.

Zunya S. – Submitted 06/27/19

Dr.Stevenson is pretty professional and take good care of the patients.

Eleni S. – Submitted 06/26/19

What a compassionate doctor. He delivered all 3 of my children. Still drive 45 mins away 25 years later. Dr. Stevenson treats you like family.

Samantha D. – Submitted 06/23/19

I’m a new mom to be and was nervous about my appointment. Dr. Stevenson made me feel at ease and answered all of my questions. I feel very confident that he will take great care of me and my baby. He seemed genuinely concerned for me and my unborn child and made me feel like I was his only patient even though he had a lobby full of other patient. Would recommend him to any new mom.

Mallory F. – Submitted 06/22/19

Dr Stevenson is the only OBGYN I have seen and I am so happy to have found him. He is proactive in his approach to medicine and is easy to talk to.